Tim Olk Book


In this photographer’s journal, Tim Olk captures the lives of men and women in the fire service through hundreds of photos presented in a 160 page, Full Color, 9” x 12” hardbound, coffee table book. In this book, the reader will see clearly presented pages of fire scenes, rescues, academy graduations, training exercises, dive calls, department events, holidays, and group shots Olk witnessed year after year during his service.

Northbrook, Evanston, Gurnee, Roundlake, Chicago, Alsip, Blue Island, Harvey, Wheeling, and Highland Park and Flight for Life Areas, are just some of the areas and departments featured in its presentation. Olk’s artistic style transports the reader into the world of northern Illinois fire service.  

Tim Olk took his first fire scene photos when he was only 13 years old. He borrowed his dad’s camera, hopped on his bike and rode down the street to where Northbrook Engine 10 was already hard at work. He later brought the pictures into the station and that is when he met Assistant Chief/Fire Investigator Wayne Luecht. Luecht took Tim under his wing. Once Tim got his driver’s license, he started exploring fire departments in other nearby cities and his interest grew. He took photography classes and learned how to shoot fire scenes from Luecht.
Eventually, Tim became a Paid on Call Firefighter as well as certified in Advanced Fire Scene Photography by the Fire Investigators Strike Force. Tim is now the Midwest US Region Director for the International Fire Photographers Association. He has had many photos featured in Fire Engineering, Fire Chief and Fire Rescue magazines. In 1999, Tim lost his mentor and friend whenWayne Luecht died of injuries sustained on duty.

The idea for the book was formed out of the respect and admiration for hisgood friend and for all of the great men and woman in the public safety servicesthat he has met over the years. Tim doesn’t recall what motivated him that first day, but 32 years later he is still busy traveling all over the greater Chicago area capturingscenes like the many shared in this book.

A commemorative edition is currently being offered on a pre-order basis at the reduced price of $37.50. These commemorative books are numbered as they are sold. Personalized copies and leather bound editions are available for an additional charge, but only available when pre-ordering the book.


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