TN Firefighters Help Recover Items from Destroyed Home


By Cortney Roark

When Melody Kormu’s house was destroyed in a fire Saturday she thought she’d lost hundreds of family photos and memorabilia.

But Rural/Metro Firefighter Wayne Bridwell thought otherwise.

When Kormu arrived at the scene of the fire on Haversack Drive she told Bridwell how much she’d lost in the house.

Six of Kormu’s family members died in 2014 — her father, her stepson, her ex-husband, her aunt and two cousins. The photos she had of them were in the house, along with an urn containing her stepson’s ashes.

He stayed at the scene Saturday night until crews left and returned the next morning off duty and stayed until 10:30 that night. Kormu said Bridwell was “on his hands and knees digging all day” and had to cool off in the car, but went back to work despite the heat.

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