Top 5 Things This Week on Fire Engineering: Auger Entrapment, New Drills

Here’s a roundup of some of the top features you may have missed in the last few days of 2013 and the first few days of 2014 on the Fire Engineering Web site.

New Quick Drills from Forest Reeder

1. New Quick Drills from Forest Reeder

Former George D. Post Instructor of the Year award winner Forest Reeder helps you get your training schedule off on the right foot with a new series of company-level drills. Download them as a PDF and use them in your training.

Is Your Ladder Box Combat Ready?

2. Is Your Ladder Box Combat Ready?

In 2014, the Traditions Training group will be supplying you with all-new training drills. First up, Danny Doyle has a review of ground ladder proficiency. Check it out HERE. You can also see Danny in some of Training Minutes from last year: Tactical Nozzle Considerations and Hallway Hoseline Advancement.

3. Grain Auger Entrapment

The last entry in our Training Minutes series on grain bin rescue, this installment deals with a patient who has their arm stuck in a grain auger. More grain bin rescue videos can be found HERE.

4. Practical Succession Planning

Unlike the military or private corporations, the fire service typically doesn’t have formal succession planning. Fire Engineering columnist Tom Warren discusses what such a planning program might look like and describes some of its salient features.

5. Search Scenario and Roundtable with Skip Coleman

Fire Engineering Technical Editor John “Skip” Coleman had two features on the site this week: first, he kicked off a Roundtable discussion on the failure of pressure-reducing valves in standpipe systems, and then he provided a new search scenario on a fire in a garden-style apartment complex.


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