Firefighter Training Drill: Forcing Round Padlocks Encased in Steel Guards on Roll-Down Gates

By Danny Troxell

Captain, Washington, D.C. Fire Department

Instructor, Traditions Training LLC.

This drill focuses on one particular procedure that can be used on manual roll down gates that are secured with round locks. These gates can be found on storefront occupancies in taxpayers and strip malls in many urban areas. The main challenge with these types of locks is they are not easily accessible and may take a considerable amount of time to remove if members are not aware of the various techniques that can be used to defeat them. 

The step by step procedures for one particular method are outlined in this drill. Hopefully it will provide your members with yet another tool in the toolbox that can be used when this situation is encountered on the fireground.

Download this free firefighter training drill as a PDF HERE (4 MB).

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