Traditions Training Drill: Window Roll

By Chad Cox

This is a fast way to roll in and out of a window while staying as close to the window sill as possible. Whether deploying your personal escape system (PES) or rolling into a bedroom window to performing a search, the technique is the same.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE




Your head and upper torso come out the window first. Your right arm should reach out, and your upper torso and head should begin to follow the direction of your right arm.

  1. Left hand is placed on the window sill and is the last to let go once you have rolled out of the window.
  2. As your torso and right arm are rolling out, your right leg should follow.
  3. At this point, you should be able to straddle the window sill with your left hand and left leg keeping you against the sill. Also at this point, if, in an emergency situation, there is no ladder available for rescue or you do not have a PES, you can hopefully hang on till a ladder is raised to your location.
  4. The key is to stay as low as possible. Sitting upright in the window exposes you to the superheated gases and fire.


Chad Cox is a lieutenant with the Wichita (KS) Fire Department assigned to Engine 2 and an instructor with Traditions Training LLC.

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