Training Helps Save OH Firefighter Who Fell Through Roof

A simple move taught during training helped save the life of an Forest Park (OH) firefighter who fell through the roof during a house fire in Colerain, reports WKRC CBS 12 Cincinnati.

The firefighter had made his way to the peak of the roof, near where his partner was attempting to cut a vent hole. Frantic radio calls from command center to get off the roof only reached busy signals on the radio.

The roof then gave way and the firefighter started falling. He spread his arms out and caught himself by the armpits on two roof trusses. His partner crawled over and helped pull the firefighter out.

His partner credits the “muscle memory” of training.

An updated report (see below) raised questions about digital interference in communications on the fireground after the Mayday. The fire also brought back memories of a 2008 fire in Colerain that killed two firefighters.

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