Training Minutes: Blind Forcible Entry

Fire Engineering/YouTube

How do you force entry on a door when your vision is obscured by smoke? Walt Lewis and company on how firefighters can perform forcible entry blind on both inward- and outward-opening doors.


WALTER LEWIS is district chief in the Orlando (FL) Fire Department, where he has been a member since 1996 and is assigned to District 3. He has been involved with the fire service since 1990. Previously, he volunteered for two years for a small department and worked for a suburban department for four years. He served a tour at the Training Division. He is an instructor for the Central Florida Fire Academy and a USAR teaching group. He is a member of FL-TF4 and served on the state committe to create the 40-hour live fire training course required by Florida law for instructors of live burns. He has taught across the United States and in Canada.

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