Training Minutes: Fast Water: Simultaneous Hoselines

Firefighters mask up and advance two hoselines for fire attack

It’s time for an all-new series of Training Minutes! This is our 20th season, which makes it 10 years of fire training video from some of the top firefighting experts in the industry.

In this video, Cobb County (GA) Lt. Sean Gray is joined by Los Angeles County (CA) Capt. Jason Ghorbani to discuss and demonstrate the use of dual hoselines to rapidly attack a fire.

Watch in the player below, and read Sean’s comments below.


Comments by Sean Gray (posted 7/10/2017; edited 7/11/2017): We’ve received some questions regarding the nozzle techniques in this video. To clarify this is NOT penciling! This is flow, shut down, and move; it is something that the Los Angeles County Fire Department teaches their personnel and that we teach in our FDIC International HOT class. We flow water, taking tactical pauses as we go to evaluate conditions. There is NO specific time period of flowing for exterior attack or interior attack. They are to flow and evaluate conditions. This was not directly addressed in the video because that’s NOT the point of the video. Please feel free to post any further questions or comments in the comments section below.

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