Firefighters Control Fire in Troy (NY) Apartment Complex

Tower ladder being raised to fight fire on the roof of an apartment complex


Sidewinder Photography shared some photos and video from the scene of a recent two-alarm fire in the city of Troy, New York.

City of Troy (NY) fire crews responded to  33 Cottage Street with multiple calls that the building was on fire. Before the police or fire department could arrive, a neighbor in the building raced door-to-door, getting everyone out of the structure. The officer on Engine 6 reported a heavy column of smoke showing en route, and a second alarm was called to bring an additional truck company and engine to the scene. Because of a medical call, Truck 1 was out of service and could not respond to the scene.

Engine 6 arrived and reported heavy fire through the roof of the building. E-6 members pulled an attack line in to the building and started to make an aggressive interior attack as other crews arrived on scene quickly.  

As multiple Troy firefighters worked on the inside of the building searching to make sure everyone was out of the structure, multiple firefighters made an aggressive interior attack. The commanding officer on scene pulled everyone from the building because of heavy fire above and went to an a defensive operation, using the master streams from Truck 2 and the deck gun from E-6.  

As soon as the fire department opened up their master streams on the heavy fire in the roof, they were able to quickly get the fire under control and firefighters were able to make entry again. As firefighters made entry, they conducted heavy overhaul of the entire second floor of the building to ensure there were no hidden hot spots.

Tenants in the building stated that they had no warning other then the one resident pounding on everyones doors to get them out. The tenants stated no smoke alarms were working in the building at the time of the fire and did not activate.. The building had no sprinkler systems to protect any of the tenants or the structure itself.



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