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Firefighter with multiple portable ladders at house fire

Firefighting Basics: Heel from the Front

Mark van der Feyst reviews some of the benefits of heeling a ground ladder from the front.
John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on avoiding injury when forcing entry

Training Minutes: Avoiding Injury When Forcing Entry

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone share some tips on avoiding injury and developing good technique for forcible entry operations.
Clove hitch employed on ground ladder

The Halyard: Leave It Alone

Mark van der Feyst reviews a quick firefighter training drill on ground ladder use.
John Buckheit and Mike Perrone on using a hook and halligan to overcome a metal door

Training Minutes: Forcing Entry on a Metal Door Using a Hook and a Halligan

John Buckheit and Mike Perrone show how a lone firefighter can use a hook and halligan to force entry on a metal door.
Firefighters at the scene of a structure fire

April Showers

Mike Ciampo reviews some of the hazards firefighters can expect when contending with the spring rains.
Firefighter locking another member into a ladder

Tactical Operational Tips in Laddering

To be considered an effective, respected, and counted-on unit in the department, a truck company must be well-versed in portable ladder operations.
Grain silos

Country vs. City Truck Company: How Do They Compare?

Although the urban vs. the rural settings present distinct challenges, the truck company skills used are the same.
Firefighter carrying multiple ground ladders

Working Fire! Put the Stick Up?

Too often, ladder companies quickly deploy the aerial but delay or completely neglect throwing ground ladders.
Tower ladder positioning

Ladder Company Positioning Tips for Encountering Obstacles

Positioning a ladder company apparatus is usually not an issue when you’re first due, but what happens when you’re not?
Firefighters taking a ladder off a truck

Basics Are Advanced

Mike Ciampo reviews some of the nuances of fundamental truck company skills.