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Tower ladder positioning

Ladder Company Positioning Tips for Encountering Obstacles

Positioning a ladder company apparatus is usually not an issue when you’re first due, but what happens when you’re not?

Ventilation-Limited Fire: Keeping it Rich and Other Tactics Based Off Science

Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood examine the sometimes complex and wide-reaching scientific studies done to aid in firefighting tactics.
Trailer in NYC

Full Circle

As we enter 2021, we may notice significant changes in our response districts that can affect our firefighting tactics and procedures.
Dummy in firefighter gear with straps

Calling an Audible

Deployment of the RIT to help save a civilian’s life isn’t its primary duty, but in some instances, we’ll have to deviate from our procedures, writes Mike Ciampo.
Mike Ciampo with other firefighters performing teepee cut on a roof

Training Minutes: Teepee Cut

Mike Ciampo demonstrates the teepee cut, especially useful for opening up a high-pitched roof.
Mike Ciampo on lath and plaster

Training Minutes: Lath and Plaster Overhaul

Mike Ciampo discusses opening walls made of lath and plaster, an older form of interior wall construction that can be difficult to remove.
Firefighters in Chicago beaching a truck

Truck Placement on the Fireground

Open lots provide many options for the second-due truck. Read some tactical thoughts from Jimmy Davis.
San Francisco Fire Department

San Francisco (CA) Firefighter Expected to Survive After Being Critically Injured by Hose

The firefighter, six-year SFFD veteran Matthew Vann, was initially listed as being in critical condition.
Tower ladder outriggers on a sidewalk

Sidewalk Spots

Use some sense when you’re operating on a sidewalk, writes Mike Ciampo.
Mike Ciampo and another firefighter with a ground ladder

Training Minutes: Shooting the Ladder

Mike Ciampo and his crew demonstrate how firefighters can "shoot" a ground ladder under overhead obstructions such as power lines, or even place the ladder under a dangling victim.