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Security-conscious residents and businesspeople frequently fortify their doors by installing one or more tubular deadbolts. A tubular deadbolt is the most common "add-on" lock because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Although it operates by a simple mechanism, it can be a very strong and challenging barrier for burglars or firefighters attempting to force entry. A deadbolt, which costs as little as six dollars, can make forcing a door a difficult ordeal for firefighters who unde

PPG INDUSTRIES, INC. has announced the formation of a transportation coatings unit. The unit...

PPG INDUSTRIES, INC. has announced the formation of a transportation coatings unit. The unit will service original equipment manufacturers in the heavy duty truck, body builder, fire and emergency, transit, aircraft, and marine industries. The coatings unit will provide pretreatments, spray booth chemicals, adhesives, sealants, and original finishes, as well as repair and refinish products. Edward J. Rosebach has been named the unit`s director of marketing.


Custom Fiberglass Products: Fiber-reinforced plastic construction. Designed for use with pickup trucks. Can be custom-fit for customer requirements. Fully removable bolt-down lid. Tool storage area under skid, 38 inches 3 72 inches 3 four inches. (800) 352-3059.


Last month I reminisced about short but vivid and valuable lessons I have carried with me throughout my career. I hope you took the time to try and remember those lessons and experiences that have helped you. They are great to bring up at critiques and drill sessions. Here are some more.


Fires in unoccupied or vacant buildings require a change from normal tactics. Instead of a rapid entry into the fire building, you must perform a thorough exterior size-up and develop strategies that reflect the hazards found. Use a go-slow approach, such as that used with haz-mat situations, as a guide.

White Ghost” explained

I enjoyed "The White Ghost" (Frank C. Montagna, Training Notebook, May 1995) and the story line. Outlined below is some information I believe you will find of value.

Alternate use for PPV fans

This is in response to Firefighter Richard E. Shea`s letter to the editor in the May 1995 issue regarding the limitations of positive-pressure fans. I have a suggestion I believe would solve the problem presented in his letter [the exhaust from the gas-powered fan increased the CO level in a split-level ranch residence to which the department had been called for activation of a carbon monoxide detector alarm] and other situations that may be encountered.


Mack Trucks, Inc.: Extra-long four-door Mid-Liner® tilt-cab. Cab-over-engine design. Seats six. Can be used with 1,250-gpm pumps. (610) 709-3591.


It`s every small-town chief`s nightmare: a major fire, in the middle of the day, in the downtown area, with limited daytime manpower available, involving buildings dating from the mid-19th century that have been upgraded and renovated countless times--a fire burning in a basement filled with stock and display items that is rapidly spreading through hidden voids and extending upward and outward. Timely and proper size-up of conditions by the first-arriving unit indicate to the chief the seriousne


American Rescue, Inc.: Automatic time/ volume cycled resuscitator for patients of various sizes. Tidal volume and frequency of ventilation are set with selector facing operator, allowing both hands to remain on face mask. Can be attached to an endotracheal tube. Manual button enables the operator to control rate and volume of ventilation. Rate is fixed at 40 1pm in line with American Heart Association "Recommendations and Guidelines for Resuscitation." When respirations are inadequate or cease,