Tulsa Man Set Apartment Fire and Threatened Firefighters

Police said that Bobby Williams threatened firefighters and set an apartment on fire at the St. Thomas Square Apartments this weekend, reports fox23.com (http://bit.ly/1GVPIpv)

FOX23 discovered that Williams has been in trouble with the law since 2005. He has a history of assaulting emergency officials.

Officials said that Williams, 29, used clothes and a mattress to set the fire at St. Thomas Square Apartments early Sunday morning.

Firefighters said when they arrived Williams approached them with a knife and threatened to cut them. He then jumped out of a window and ran.

Police caught up with Williams about an hour later at the Tamarack Apartments. He ran from police and climbed onto a roof. Two officers were able to get him down and arrest them.

Williams faces six felony and one misdemeanor charge.

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