Two Feared Dead in WA Marina Fire

A marina fire in Bellingham, WA, that has left two people feared dead posed a difficult challenge for firefighters. According to The Associated Press, the size of the blaze and not having a fire boat were major factors.

Fire had spread to many of the boats, as many as 10 vessels were in the marina when the fire was first reported, when firefighters arrived on the scene early Friday morning. The boathouse roof later collapsed.  No firefighters were injured.

An old fire boat was decommissioned by the city last year and was not replaced. The fire department was not able to raise the funds for a replacement. Operational costs are roughly $30,000 a year and city officials said that the boat was not used enough to justify the expense.

Investigators believe a couple was trapped on a boat that was on fire that later sank. Divers will search the boat.

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