Two Firefighters Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Pasadena Fire

Two firefighters were rushed to the hospital Wednesday night after being exposed to chemicals from an explosion at a Pasadena plant, reports

The flash fire erupted at Schutz Container Systems in the 5000 block of Underwood. About 30 employees had to be evacuated and law enforcement blocked off the street. It is still an active scene.

According to Pasadena Fire Marshal David Brannon, the company cleans out plastic containers used to transport chemicals. Wednesday night, something wrong resulting in a flash explosion from some type of chemical reaction.

Two responding firefighters were rushed to the hospital, where they went through a decontamination process and were being monitored. There were concerns they inhaled a dangerous chemical, but we’re told they’re expected to be OK.

The explosion was contained to the building, and there is no shelter in place imposed on nearby residents.

Firefighters and HazMat crews from Pasadena and La Porte are on scene and still trying to determine what kinds of chemicals they are dealing with. Fire officials are working with the company to determine that.

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