Two Shanghai Firefighters Die in Fall From 13th Floor

Two young firefighters died after falling from the 13th floor of a downtown apartment block in Shanghai when an explosion rocked the building, reports

The blast blew them out of a window and they fell onto a platform on the second floor of the building on Longwu Road in Xuhui District.

Qian Lingyun, 23, and Liu Jie, 20, were rushed to hospital but later died from their injuries, the city’s Fire Control Bureau said.

Another firefighter injured during the fire, which had broken out in the 13th-floor apartment, is undergoing treatment for his injuries at the Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital.

It was believed there was no one else in the apartment at the time.

Witnesses said the firefighters who died were holding onto each other as they were thrown from the window by the sudden explosion.

Thick black smoke could be seen pouring from the apartment windows.

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