Two Texas Fire Chiefs Arrested in Connection to Sexual Assault Hazing Case

The Texas Department of Public Safety says two more people, the Ellis County fire chief and assistant fire chief, are under arrest after being implicated in a recorded sexual assault that took place in a fire station earlier this year, reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

Texas DPS Trooper Lonny Haschel said Texas Rangers arrested Fire Chief Gavin Satterfield, 31, and Assistant Fire Chief William Getzendaner, 34, on charges of tampering with a witness — a first degree felony.

A man — whose identity was not released because he is a sexual assault victim — filed a complaint March 31 stating that on Jan. 20 five fellow firefighters held him down at the Emergency Service District No. 6 fire station, pulled his pants down and, while laughing and yelling, sexually assaulted him multiple times chorizo and a broom stick.


Earlier this week, 26-year-old Keith Wisakowsky, 30-year-old Casey Stafford, 19-year-old Preston Peyrot, 28-year-old Alec Miller and 19-year-old Blake Tucker were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault in connection with the incident.

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