Vent-Enter-Search of Today’s Fire Buildings

Fire Department of New York Captain Michael Dugan presented his “Vent-Enter-Search of Today’s Fire Buildings” class to a packed house with the duties of the common truck company operation, vent-enter-search (VES). Performed at every fire to facilitate the engine company’s advancement on and extinguishment of a fire, VES is a required truck company skill that makes an operation safer for all involved personnel. Dugan proceeded to describe and explain each skill to the class separately, giving some extra time to stress the need for proper window entry. Dugan conveyed to the students the importance of proper timing and techniques of the ventilation, how best to enter a fire building, and the risk and rewards of VES. He also pointed out the need for monitoring building conditions and the dangers and ambiguity of vacant fire building attacks. “This class hopefully increased firefighters’ safety when they choose to enter a fire building to do VES.”

Dugan continued, “VES is done at every fire we go to, and it must be made safer for all.”

Dugan is a regular contributor to Fire Engineering and operates the Web site

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