VES: First-Floor Window Access

A firefighter gains access to the first floor to perform vent-enter-search.

By Donald L. Wedding

Vent-enter-search (VES) is usually associated with accessing and searching rooms in upper floors of residential occupancies, but this tactic can also be performed on single-level occupancies. First-floor VES poses its own unique challenges, especially with windows that are above waist level. Gaining access to the window, and ultimately the area to be searched, can prove difficult without a shortened portable ladder or other means to make the sill.

This quick drill demonstrates an alternative method for window and room access using a 30-inch halligan, webbing, and a 4- to 6-foot roof or ceiling hook.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE (429 KB).


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Donald L. Wedding is a firefighter for the Fredericksburg (VA) Fire Deptartment and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.

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