Volunteer Firefighter, 16, Continues Recovery from Burns Suffered in VA Fire

From www.fauquiernow.com:

By Lawrence Emerson

Washington (DC) – A 16-year-old Marshall volunteer firefighter underwent seven hours of surgery and skin grafts Wednesday to treat burns suffered Sunday morning.

Adam Glaze remains in the Washington MedStar Hospital Center, where county career and volunteer firefighters have gathered to offer support.

A rising Fauquier High School junior, Glaze suffered the most severe burns among three firemen injured as they attacked an intense fire at 4214 Pickett St. in The Plains on Sunday morning.

Two older colleagues—one from the county career staff and one from the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company—received treatment at Fauquier Hospital, according to county officials.

The 1½-story stucco home became a blast furnace as the young volunteer — fighting his first fire — headed upstairs with a 1¾-inch hose. The career firefighter followed closely behind him.

Both wore gear rated to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 500°F and about 10 seconds up to 1,500°F “during a backdraft or flashover,” according to Fauquier County Fire Chief Billington.

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