Weather Conditions Impact Attempts to Contain Rocky Fire

Firefighters said the Rocky Fire has grown to 18,000 acres with only 5 percent containment, and conditions are making it worse, reports

It is what firefighters call “the freight train.” The sound of 50 foot flames burning so loudly and quickly, it mimics a freight train roaring by.

“The embers are flying more than a half a mile and igniting fires all over the area. So what happens is what we call the probability of ignition is 100 percent,” said CAL FIRE division chief Nick Schuler. “Any branches that fall down and you can see them falling down now will start news fires, so it poses just another challenge for all of us.”

Crews are not taking any chances. They’ve ordered additional mandatory evacuations for residents around Double Eagle Ranch along the Highway 20 corridor between New Long Valley Road and east to the county line, north of Morgan Valley and east of Bonham Road, Jerusalem Grade Road, Spruce Grove Road, Noble Ranch Road and Cantwell Ranch Road.

In the meantime, the fire fight continues from the ground and from the air.

Fire crews say they were working on the south side of this hill for about an hour to try to protect that home. Unfortunately, the power of Mother Nature took over, and now it is engulfed in flames.

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