Webcast: The Engine Company’s Guide to Winning: Stretching for Success

Lt. Steve Robertson
Lt. Steve Robertson

Join us for a presentation on engine company work from Lieutenant Steve Robertson of the Columbus (OH) Division of Fire as part of the REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo.

In this ever-evolving modern fire environment, special emphasis must be on selecting and placing the first line correctly. We must put ourselves in a position to stretch for success. This class focuses on engine company priorities and tactics. Topics covered are selecting and placing the first handline in service properly (a priority), apparatus placement, line selection, matching the proper nozzle to the proper line, and line placement. Overcoming difficult stretches, vertical stretches, and short-staffed stretching are also covered.

STEVE ROBERTSON began his fire service career in 1988 as a volunteer firefighter. He became a full-time firefighter in 1989. In 1993, he began his career with the Columbus (OH) Division of Fire and was assigned to Ladder Co. 1; he then served a year on Squad 23 before being assigned to Engine Co. 2. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2002. He is assigned to Engine Co. 18.


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