Webcast: Your Last Breath: Strategies for Success

Firefighter wearing SCBA

Join us for a Webcast on breathing techniques and air management presented by David Gillespie.

What if you were trapped inside the building at a structural fire, approaching your cylinder’s maximum operational time, and soon would be on your last breath? Instead of draining 100 percent of the air reserve with your last breath, what if you could last 15 to 30 minutes longer? Wouldn’t you want that chance for survival? It is possible to stretch your air supply 25 to 50 percent, and you can learn how to do it in this webcast. It’s all about a consistent strategy of breathing control that can help you on the way to an emergency, on scene, on air during interior operations, and when you are going back home to recover.

This webcast shares five essential methods of breathing and concludes with learning tools you can take back home and practice for high-risk scenarios. You will learn solutions compiled from multiple training drills, how to change your natural breathing cycle, and about smartphone apps that help change your respiration pattern.

Acting Captain David Gillespie is a 25-year career firefighter and rescue technician with Peterborough Fire Services (Canada). He is the co-author of Developing Firefighter Resiliency. As a chief training officer, battalion instructor, and corporate trainer, he has delivered more than 80 presentations on resiliency and high performance. He works with firefighters, athletes, managers, women in crisis, MMA fighters, and national team athletes.


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