West Virginia Fire Leaves Many Homeless

About 50 residents of Hinton (WV) residents are now displaced in the wake of fires that police say were intentionally set, reports the WVVA.com.

Hinton police arrested Billy Joe Gill, 25, of Hinton on charges of first-degree arson, Chief Derek Snavely said.

Residents living in 10 apartments on Temple Street barely escaped with their lives after fire tore through the old brick row houses about 2 a.m., Snavely said.

Gill also is suspected of setting another home on fire about three blocks from the apartments. That fire occurred about half an hour before the one that ravaged the apartments, Snavely said.

Officials of the small town must figure out how to help the displaced residents as well as deal with the burned structures.

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/Y1oi8o

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