Weymouth (MA) Firefighter Suspended for Social Media Post

Weymouth suspended a firefighter for 90 days without pay Monday over comments posted on a firefighter’s Facebook page that called people struggling with heroin addiction “losers,” reports The Boston Globe.

The social media post has since been deleted. It included remarks about the use of Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray commonly administered by first responders to reverse opioid overdoses, according to what appear to be screenshots of the post that have gone viral on the Web.

“Narcan is the worst drug ever created … I for one get no extra money for giving Narcan and these losers are out of the hospital and using again in hours. You use, you should loose [sic],” the post said.

The post also suggested letting addicts “die,” instead of saving them by using Narcan.

Weymouth Fire Chief Keith Stark said in a statement earlier Monday that the firefighter’s statements do not reflect “the philosophy or values we hold as a fire department or town.”

Read more of the story here http://tinyurl.com/z23gspp


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