Witness: Flames Reached 50 Feet in Paxtang (PA) Building Fire

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Less than 24 hours after a massive fire destroyed a building in Paxtang, one of the building’s business owners was sorting through the rubble to retrieve what few personal items the insurance company said he could collect, reports pennlive.com.

Jason Benkowitsch, one of the owners of JB Custom Counters, spent a handful of minutes in the fire-gutted building retrieving a waterlogged laptop, tape measures, padlocks and files. Benkowitsch said he couldn’t say much about the fire without speaking to the company’s other owners, but said the plan is to rebuild at a new location.

The fire was reported on the 3200 block of Pine at around midnight Monday. In addition to JB Custom Counters, the business space for the tattoo shop Ego Ink and Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates were also destroyed by the fire and subsequent water damage from firefighters.

Read more of the story http://bit.ly/1P8mLgA

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