World Trade Center/Washinton D.C. Tragedies–What We Know

On September 11, four airliners were hijacked. Two of these jets were used to crash into the World Trade Center’s twin towers. Another was used to crash into the Pentagon. The fourth crashed in Pennsylvania, but it is thought that it was headed for Camp David or the White House.

The Twin Towers are now no more. After the planes collided with the towers and the subsequent fires, both towers collapsed, killing thousands. The exact death toll is not yet known, but there are reports of 200 firefighters missing and presumed dead. Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex has also collapsed, and it is feared that the structural integrity of Building 5 has been compromised. A Mariott Hotel was also on the verge of collapse.

The Pentagon was the target of the third plane. It hit the Pentagon and burst into flames. As of 10:00 PM EST on September 11, one part of the Pentagon was still burning, and part of it had collapsed.

The cleanup after this tragedy is expected to take days.

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Chris Mc Loone, Web Editor

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