Search Begins For Best Firehouse Chili Cooks in America

International Chili Society creates Firehouse Chili Challenge to honor firefighters on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Slow Cooker Beef—Quinoa Taco Bowl

"This recipe for Beef Cacciatore with Quinoa is the perfect example of using a slow cooker for something other than chili," writes A.J. Fusco.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Ryan McKay celebrates the flavors that inspire cooler days, sleepy Sunday mornings, and football. What better vehicle to use then pancakes?
Shannon McQuaide of FireFlex Yoga training firefighters

FireFlex Yoga Announces Train-the-Trainer Workshop

FireFlex Yoga, a data-driven wellness program designed for firefighters, announces its National Online Yoga Program specifically curated for fire departments (available now) and Train the Trainer, coming January 2021.

Feel Better and Look Younger…The Yoga Way!

For the rest of 2019, Claire Diab will be giving you “Jewels and Tools” from her upcoming book, “Jewels and Tools for Yoga: Easy, Simple Tips for Feeling Better and Looking Younger” to feel better and look younger.

The Principle of Dharma…The Yoga Way!

"For all of you firefighters, you have had different Dharmas through the different stages of your life. Your Dharma now is to help and serve as a firefighter: saving people’s lives and helping and caring for people," writes Claire Diab and Dennis Boyle.

Alaskan Fishing Trip 2019—The Final Day

In this latest installment, we return to the beautiful waters of Alaska for another day of fishing with Kevin and his crew. Then, it's back to the homestead for a nice, home-cooked halibut meal.

Alaskan Fishing Trip 2019—Halibut

In this latest video, Kevin heads to the Alaskan wilderness with his buddies Dave and Phillip and his grandson Patrick in search of the elusive but plentiful fish.

The New Goats

In this latest video, Kevin takes a break from hunting to introduce us to the new "pack animals" on his homestead.


"If you apply the lessons you’ve learned from your mistakes and the personal wisdom you’ve gained from those struggles toward setting your new goals and charting your new course you’ll become virtually unstoppable," writes Michael Krueger.

Does It Matter Where You Train?

"Finding the ideal place to train can take a bit of trial and error. This exploration is just another cog in the wheel of finding what works best for you," writes Michael Krueger,

Test Day

"So, next time you are wondering if your training is effective, consider doing a little testing to see where you are in contrast to where you’ve come from," writes Michael Krueger.


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

"Now that I’m finished with responding to other people’s emergencies, I think my best course of action is to sit back, enjoy a nice cold beverage, and let things come to me!" writes Michael Morse.

Staying Connected is a Life-or-Death Choice

"Parts of most of us have visited that dark, comforting place where there is no pain, shame, guilt, or sadness. I know for certain that the thought has crossed my mind, and I never told a soul, until now," writes Michael Morse.

What it’s Like

"When you are immersed in the public safety field, people ask questions," writes Michael Morse.