Humpday Hangout: Fire Prevention and Investigations

Mike Dugan, Jack Murphy, Jason Hoevelmann, Bill Gustin, and Doug Keller
Live event on Wednesday,10/14/2020 at 1300hrs. 
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Fire Engineering/YouTube

Sometimes the first time a fire department is made aware of a fire/life safety hazard is when they respond to an occupancy on a medical call. Fire company officers have a duty to act—reporting and correcting hazards isn’t just the job of the fire prevention bureau. Additionally, company officers have a responsibility to determine the cause and origin of a fire. When a fire involves a serious injury, is suspicious or undetermined it is the company officer’s responsibility to request the assistance of a fire marshal or investigator. Joining the panel for this Humpday Hangout are guests Jack Murphy and Doug Keller to discuss fire prevention and investigations. Hosts: Mike Dugan and Bill Gustin Panel: Jason Hoevelmann Jack Murphy Doug Keller

Sponsored by Key Hose:

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