Humpday Hangout: Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood speak to Jonathan Levine and Rick Seal, Bryan Sky-Eagle, and Frank Siller.
Fire Engineering/YouTube

On this week’s Humpday HangoutFrank Ricci and P.J. Norwood speak with Jonathan Levine as partner of Pritzker Levine, LLP, and Rick Seal “of Counsel” Pritzker Levine, LLP, a retired San Jose (CA) battalion chief, about a lawsuit concerning forever chemicals and the effects on firefighters. They will also speak to Bryan Sky-Eagle, district chief for the Houston (TX) Fire Department, about his role in the Houston Fire Department Chief Officers Association and his new book. They will also share an interview with Frank Siller from Tunnels to Towers and the great work they do for firefighters, cops, and our great military.

Book by Bryan Sky-Eagle: Texas Disaster Law Guide

Join us live on Fire Engineering’s Facebook at 1 p.m. Eastern on August 25, 2021, or watch this space for the discussion.


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