Humpday Hangout: Leadership and Crisis

Rick Lasky and company
Fire Engineering/YouTube
Starts 1300hrs on March 18, 2020. Use #FETalk on Twitter.

During times of crisis, it’s always about leadership and discipline. What are you doing during all of this? Hosts Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath talk with their guests.


Scott Thompson, Fire Chief The Colony, TX

Michael Spinuzzi, Division Chief EMS, Lewisville, TX

Stuart Coffman, MD. Medical Director, Lewisville (TX) Fire Department


Reports Abound of Firefighters Exposed to Virus

Response Guideline to Respiratory Distress/Potential Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patients

CDC: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Site

JEMS: What You Need to Know about COVID-19

COVID-19 and Firefighter Response


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