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Oakland CA train derailment

Oakland (CA) Firefighters Respond When Six Train Cars Carrying Chemicals Derail

Firefighters accessed the hot zone and found no leaks in the pressurized cylinders holding sulfuric acid.
Firefighters roll down member in hazmat suit

Training Minutes: Hazmat RIT

Jeff Chandler and company discuss removing a down firefighter in a Level A hazmat suit from the hazardous materials hot zone.
Goodlettsville TN Fire Department

Ammonia Release at TN Chicken Processing Plant Investigated

Officials are investigating a release of toxic ammonia gas at a chicken processing plant that displaced more than 200 residents.
Firefighter fatality

NJ Fire Lieutenant Dies While Responding to Hazmat Incident

While getting ready to leave the station, Lieutenant Donald J. Trout of the Middlesex County Hazardous Materials Unit suffered a medical emergency.
Jeff Chandler on doffing Level B hazmat suit

Hazmat: Doffing Level B Non-Encapsulated Splash Protection

Jeff Chandler and company review doffing Level B hazmat gear and the appropriate cautions required.
China gas explosion

Gas Explosion in China Kills at Least 12 People

At least 12 people were killed and 39 seriously injured Sunday after a gas line explosion tore through a residential neighborhood.
Jeff Chandler on hazmat detection

Hazmat: Detection and Metering for Civilian Rescue While Wearing Turnout Gear

Jeff Chandler reviews some methods of evaluating the environment during a hazmat rescue scenario.
Firefighter facing away with turnout gear

Chemical Spill at RI Medical Supply Company Hospitalizes 20 Employees

Twenty employees at Pawtucket medical supply company Bio-Detek were hospitalized for “irritant complaints.”
Jeff Chandler and company on propane flaring

Training Minutes: Flaring a 20-lb. Propane Cylinder

In this Homegrown Training Minutes segment, Jeff Chandler and company review how a 20-lb. propane cylinder can be safely flared off.

Tanker Overturns, Fuel Leak Closes Section of Fayetteville (NC) Road

Fire and emergency crews responded to a collision on Country Club Drive at approximately 2:18 a.m. Thursday.