Chemical Spill at RI Medical Supply Company Hospitalizes 20 Employees

According to a report from WHDH, 20 employees at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, medical supply company Bio-Detek were hospitalized following what was being called “irritant complaints.”

Fire and emergency crews from both Rhode Island and Massachusetts responded to the company, located on Narragansett Park Drive, Thursday evening after a woman said she was having difficulty breathing. On arrival, firefighters believed the situation was some type of chemical spill as several other individuals complained of irritation of the eyes, nose, mouth, and/or throat.

Employees were then evaluated at the scene and complained of sore throats and coughs, and at least one person vomited.

No major injuries have been reported.

Firefighters were sent inside the building to determine the source of what they believed to be the leaking of an organic compound. No other information has been released.


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