Draeger Introduces High-Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

Draeger is introducing the new UCF 9000 high-resolution thermal imaging camera. It is UL-approved as intrinsically safe. It provides significant advances to aid personal navigation and rescue for firefighters and first responders. The UCF 9000 is the newest member of a technologically advanced series of cameras that includes the UCF 6000 and the UCF 7000.

“The new UCF 9000 provides significant improvements to meet our customers’ needs when working in the most challenging and hazardous environments,” says Greg Sesny, Product Manager, Thermal Imaging Cameras, for Draeger Safety, Inc. “The high performance of the Draeger UCF 9000 enables fire operations to go faster, safer and more efficiently.”

Along with the UCF 7000, the UCF 9000 is intrinsically safe and has been approved for use in potentially explosive settings. Advanced construction and circuitry measures ensure that these cameras will not be a source of ignition, earning it a UL approved Class 1 Division 2 rating. 

Greater Safety through Enhanced Image Technology

“This new camera provides more detail and a clearer view to help firefighters make better decisions more quickly in search and rescue operations,” says Captain Rick Rochford, Jacksonville, Florida Fire and Rescue. “Because the UCF 9000 is intrinsically safe and will not be source of ignition, the thermal imaging camera can now be used in potentially explosive environments, including hazmat operations.”

The UCF 9000 offers 44 percent more detail than other firefighting thermal imaging cameras and has a wide field of view that lets the user see more. In areas where visibility is extremely limited, the UCF 9000 provides an image that is ultra clear, giving users more information to make better tactical decisions. Regardless of the environment in which the camera is used, the brightness of the UCF 9000 display automatically adjusts to give the firefighter the best possible image to view. An extended dynamic range makes it possible to clearly detect cool objects (such as people) next to extreme heat. An ultrafast shutter allows users to have consistent images and a clear view at all times. The UCF 9000 has a 2X and 4X zoom that give users the ability to get a closer look at hard to reach areas.

In addition to the standard thermal mode, the new camera provides eight image operation modes to enhance visibility during specific operations.

The Scan Plus mode combines real images and thermal images for enhanced detail to search for heat sources during overhaul operations. Users can set a temperature threshold, making it easier and faster to detect hot spots that need attention. Other modes include a hazmat application that can help detect leaks and provides level indicators. Another application that the UCF 9000 offers is a normal color camera. This can be used to record video and sound for documentation and training purposes. Designed for one-hand operation, modes can be easily changed with the push of a button.

Strengthened Operational Efficiency

Ergonomic design helps minimize fatigue when working in the most difficult environments. The camera’s robust plate allows users to crawl on all fours without losing their grip. Its rugged and durable housing can withstand the most extreme conditions, and has a high protection classification IP 67 which means it is resistant to water, dust, and other contaminants typically encountered during emergency response situations. Modern lithium-ion battery technology provides the UCF 9000 with up to four hours of operating time, giving users peace of mind during extended operations. By releasing the grip on the handle, users activate the automatic standby mode which can extend the camera’s battery life by an additional 50 percent. The image comes instantly back on by simply re-grabbing the handle. 

Like the UCF 7000, the UCF 9000 has a laser pointer to mark heat sources and point out the fill level of tanks. The “snapshot” function provides a temporary freeze-frame thermal image which can then be viewed on the display for others to see. This feature makes it possible to see hard to reach areas with freedom of movement or assess particularly difficult areas. 

The UCF 9000 is produced by Draeger Safety AG & Co. KGaA.

For more information, see http://www.draeger.us/sites/enus_us/Pages/Fire/Dr%C3%A4ger-UCF-9000.aspx.

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