4VETS4LIFE Program Invites Applications from Disabled American Veterans

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The 4VETS4LIFE Program is seeking applications from wounded American Veterans to launch its inaugural program, which is committed to providing new ways of honoring Americans whose needs exceed current support systems. The online application asks individual disabled Veterans to submit his or her story and description of needs via the Web site at 4Vets4Life.org. Through a confidential assessment program, the 4VETS4LIFE Program will select 10 Veterans for its first initiative.

Executive Director of 4LiPHE Charities Laura Tubesing says, “We’re excited to launch the application phase of this program, which marks the start of our journey towards transforming the lives Veterans, 10 at a time.” By launching the online application, the 4VETS4LIFE Program realizes a major first step toward helping select disabled Veterans receive the support they need to develop the skills and tools essential to rebuilding their dreams and their lives. Each of the 10 disabled Veterans will receive $100,000 towards their Dreams, and one of these veterans will also be awarded a mortgage-free home that has been modified to their specific needs.

“The 4VETS4LIFE Program is fully committed to make a lasting difference and change to as many deserving Veterans’ lives as possible. These are our Veterans and this is our country, and we ask all Americans to work with us to make a difference,” Tubesing says. “There is no issue too big or too difficult that together it cannot be solved.”

With the launch of the online application, the 4VETS4LIFE program recognizes its first major step in its commitment to aligning the public’s desire to help with the specific needs of disabled Veterans.

About 4VETS4LIFE Program 

Founded in 2015, the 4VETS4LIFE Program serves within the scope of the 4-LiPHE Charities, a non-for-profit organization, created to cultivate the public’s interest in and support for making selected disabled Veterans’ dreams a reality.

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