Advancing Protection – PBI® Peak 5, Titanium™, Agility® Tactical

The status quo has changed. TenCate Protective Fabrics’ Tyler Pientok unveils three, brand-new fire service products that are redefining protective textiles in the fire service market. Powered by ENFORCE™ and COOLDERM™ technologies, these products offer better protection and more comfort than ever before: PBI® Peak 5, Titanium™, and Agility® Tactical. See how TenCate Protective Fabrics is engineering products tuned to the specialized wants and needs of real end-users. Join this webcast to learn more!

  • PBI® Peak 5 Outer Shell – PBI-Powered ultralight 5.6 ounce shell with ENFORCE ™ technology
  • Titanium™ Thermal Liner – Redesigned facecloth that stays slick longer and resists pilling
  • Agility® Tactical Outer Shell – Tri-certified shell for the modern firefighter – from roadsides, to wildlands.
  • ENFORCE™ Technology – Strong, balanced protection that’s abrasion-resistant. Found in only found in PBI® Peak 5 & Agility®
  • COOLDERM™ Technology – Wicks moisture away from the skin to help keep firefighters cool and dry in extreme environments. Found in Titanium™

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