Campus Fire Coalition Formed to Help Address Fire Safety on Nation’s Campuses

The nation’s three leading campus fire safety organizations have come together as the Campus Fire Coalition ( to create a portal to share and promote campus fire safety resources that can help schools and communities in educating students, parents and administrators about the importance of fire safety. These resources, developed by CampusFireSafety.comCampus Firewatch and the Michael H. Minger Foundation, include videos, posters, guides and education programs that teach students what they need to know to be fire safe, not only while they are in school, but for the rest of their lives.

This Coalition was formed to promote sharing of each organization’s tools, information and resources and to serve as a “one-stop” shop for schools and communities to use in their education programs.  All of these tools will be made available through the Coalition’s web site in the near future and will serve as an invaluable portal.

“Here you have the best of the best when it comes to understanding campus fire safety and how to research, develop and implement effective training and educational programming,” said Randy Hormann, president of  “The nation’s 4,000 colleges and universities will not find a greater pool of information to pull from than what this coalition and its member organizations have to offer.”

“The Campus Fire Coalition will provide unequaled access to the most current and dynamic tools for schools to use,” added Campus Firewatch Publisher Ed Comeau.  “Most of them are freely available for download and have been created by national experts or in partnership with students, the very audience we are trying to reach with this information.”

“By working together, we leverage the power of our individual organizations, creating a whole new synergy,” said Gail Minger, president of the Michael H. Minger Foundation.  “We are able to reach more schools and communities with the incredible volume of resources that we have each developed. Together, we represent over 30 years of experience in the world of campus fire safety.”

Work is progressing on the Campus Fire Coalition web site to develop it as a portal for accessing information from the three organizations. Currently, all of their resources can be accessed from their individual web sites and by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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