Coach JC’s Exercise of the Day: The Hanging Leg Raise

The Hanging Leg Raise


Fitness Expert Coach JC of, a Web site dedicated to empowering first responders to be fit for duty and fit for life, offers a new exercise video. Today your FIT FOR DUTY, FIT FOR LIFE exercise of the day is the hanging leg raise.

Fitness Expert Launches Web Site for First Responders to Win in Life


The Hanging Leg Raise is a great exercise for developing abdominal and core strength and is a great developer of hip flexor strength. The hanging leg raise is also a great exercise for developing grip strength and lat strength and stability.


For the firefighter abdominal core strength and hip flexor strength is vital to your performance. These are the muscles responsible for energy transfer from the lower to upper extremities of the body and crucial when performing any athletic movement. Strong core and hip flexor strength will help reduce injury and increase performance on and off the job.


1.   Hang from bar with grip slightly wider than shoulder-width.

2.   Hinge at hips and lift legs up until feet touch bar

3.   Lower to start position

Sets/Duration: Perform 3×5-20(depending on fitness level)

Coach JC’s Coaching Points

•   Keep legs straight for advanced or knees at 90 degree

•   Work full range of motion

•   Maintain control throughout movement and prevent swaying.

*There are many different variations of the leg raise such as the pull up leg raise and the alternating leg raise. Once you become advanced at this movement try adding weight.  If you’re not here yet, then go to the exercise library at, under resources and start with the knees to chest exercise.

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