Fire Blog Roundup: OSHA and Firefighter Cancer, Courage, and Careers vs. Jobs

The issue of firefighter cancer has been in the forefront of late, with a renewed focus on firefighting gear and its potential role in carcinogen exposure. In a recent blog, Eddie Buchanan asks whether its time for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to get involved in the issue. Read Eddie’s post below, as well as blogs on the subject of building construction and fire suppression, safety, and local fire service culture, among others.

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Joe Pronesti      

Don’t Let This Party Crash Your Fire

Joe Pronesti on how collapse or demolition of the party wall can affect a fire in your main street buildings.

Unchaining Your Leadership

Consistency in leadership is the key to success, writes Warren Cersley.

Isaac Frazier      

Recip Saw vs. Boron

When it comes to vehicle rescue, you will find one tool on Isaac Frazier’s extrication tarp without fail, but not all saws and blades are created equal.
Chad Menard      

Safety and Muscle Memory

They go hand in hand, writes Chad Menard.

Career vs. Job

Joseph Kitchen: Is there a difference between a career in the fire service and a job on a fire department?
Art Goodrich      

Leadership Buy the Book

Art “Chief Reason” Goodrich: How do you know when you’re reading a good book on leadership?
David Topczynski      

Prefab Construction in High-Rise Buildings

David Topczynski offers some construction observations.
David Rhodes      

Don’t Neglect the Culture

Don’t forget about your own culture and what works for you in your community, writes David Rhodes.
Jonathan Brumley      

Salt Is Salty, Not Bitter

Jonathan Brumley pens an open letter to seasoned firefighters.
Doug Mitchell      

Out, Yet IN

Doug Mitchell on the two-team approach to structural firefighting.
Joe Pronesti      

The Deck Gun

Joe Pronesti writes about the blitz attack or transitional attack using the apparatus-mounted deck pipe or gun.
Eddie Buchanan      

Where’s OSHA?

Eddie Buchanan offers his take on firefighter cancer.

Art Goodrich      

Halloween III: The Season of the Jake

Art “Chief Reason” Goodrich returns with a seasonal “Jake and Vinnie” special.
David Topczynski      

Victim Removal from Confined Area

David Topczynski shares a rescue training scenario.
Jason Hoevelmann      

A Different Kind of Courage

Jason Hoevelmann on speaking up about cleaning our gear and helmets.


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