Report Focuses on Firefighter Gear, Cancer

Two years after the death of Miami Dade (CA) Fire Captain Rafeal Herraro, the local CBS station is revisiting the high occurrence of cancer in area firefighters.

CBS4 reported that, according to researchers, firefighters across South Florida are in a battle against cancer, including alarming numbers of thyroid, colon, and brain cancer.

The report focused new steps Miami Dade Fire Rescue is taking with members’ personal protective equipment, including gear storage and keeping it out of ultraviolet light.

The report also focused on the limited number of sets of gear that firefighters have, as well as the role of the personal protective hood.

A research study conducted in June on the campus of the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute aims to get a more precise look at the physiological effects of structural firefighting, including how carcinogens affect firefighters.


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