New Free Marijuana Grow Operations — Safe Multi-Agency Response Program Available

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s newest training program, Marijuana Grow Operations – Safe Multi-Agency Response, is now available free to all firefighters and first responders. It covers the nature of these grows, describes the very real but under-appreciated dangers associated with them, and details the tactics, techniques, and equipment that will keep first responders safe from harm or even death while responding to them. Emphasis is placed on inter-agency cooperation which is essential in these operations.

The presenter is the commander of a major state police SWAT team with numerous confined space entries into grows, and as a site safety supervisor on them. He has years of experience working with fire and EMS agencies during these operations and is intimately familiar with the dangers they pose to all first responders.

The program consists of a two-part, approximate 1½-hour video presentation of the 170 slide PowerPoint presentation. It is rich with photographs of actual grows, depicting the real dangers found at them. The program can be used by any agency or member either as-is, or as a basis from which to construct training modules or presentations of their own.

Send comments and feedback about these training programs to Please note that some Windows users may experience problems when downloading compressed files. If you have trouble downloading any of the programs, e-mail

The Firefighters Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to assisting firefighters and rescue personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely. We also set aside a portion of our funds to aid underfunded agencies and assist families of fallen firefighters.

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