Humpday Hangout: Focus on Firefighter Health and Safety

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, Bobby Halton is joined by Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss from Firefighter Functional Fitness and Jordon Ponder founder of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training. They will discuss how we as firefighters must make health, fitness, and nutrition, a fundamental part of our “firefighter toolbox.” And how to pave a road to career success, adopt health and fitness tools early to develop the habits and disciplines of healthy firefighters. This way when it is finally time to hang up your helmet at the end of your career, you will leave legacies worth following.

Captain Jordan Ponder of the Milwaukee Fire Department and Director of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training or FD-PT will discuss how you can develop a health and fitness program and sustain it in the same way that he has assisted the City of Milwaukee in reducing firefighter injuries by 57 percent saving $1.3M in injury associated costs. Departments across the country now are using this approach through the FD-PT C.L.I.M.B Program to improve safety and increase performance in order to help them discovers your results and E.A.R.N I.T!


Health and Fitness: Four Fundamentals of Firefighter Functional Fitness

Are You Functional?

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