Humpday Hangout: Training Fires

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, P.J. Norwood and Frank Ricci talk with their guests about the latest UL FSRI report, which is focused on training fires. All guests sit on the UL technical panel for this research. They will provide valuable information to the fire service on what this report is and how the fire service can and should use it to provide high-fidelity training for their agency.

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The project described in this report is concerned with measuring, analyzing, and understanding the capabilities and limitations of conducting live-fire training in L-shaped props so that accurate messages can be conveyed by instructors who use such props.

Specifically, the objectives of this study are to:

  • Assess the repeatability of thermal environments created by ventilation-controlled fires in each type of L-shaped prop
  • Compare the conditions produced by ventilation-controlled fires from various fuel packages between the different prop constructions
  • Study the effects of ventilation changes on the fire environment in L-shaped training props
  • Evaluate the response of thermal conditions during interior suppression in each type of prop


Ed Hartin

John Ceriello

Chad Christensen

Sean Gray


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