Important Safety Notice Concerning Scott(r) AV-3000(r) Facepieces

Scott has received reports of cracks being found in the plastic lens frames that encircle the AV-3000 facepiece. Read and follow the instructions contained in this notice. Failure to follow the instructions cited here may result in further damage to the facepiece which may expose the user to the atmosphere the AV-3000 equipped respirator was intended to protect against causing serious injury or death.

This notice concerns the Scott AV-3000 Facepiece Lens Frames manufactured between August, 2003 and September, 2004. The lens frame is the black plastic ring that goes around the outside perimeter of the lens, over the face seal. The frame is made of two pieces, a top and a bottom, and the pieces connected together at the sides of the facepiece.

AV-3000 facepieces are used with a variety of Scott breathing equipment including:

  • NxG2TM SCBA Air-Pak(r) 50 SCBA 2.2 2216 PSI SCBA
  • 3.0 3000 PSI SCBA 4.5 4500 PSI SCBA E-Z Airline(r) Air Supplied Respirator
  • Ska-Pak(r) Air Supplied Respirator
  • Ska-Pak Plus Air Supplied Respirator
  • Ska-Pak AT Air Supplied Respirator

or when used in conjunction with adapters to make full facepiece chin or twin respirators or a PAPR (Adapter P/N 804058-01, 804057-01, 805622, 805059-01, 805665 or 805556).

Scott is notifying users that there have been reports of cracks being found in the lens frame during routine inspection. The cracking problem has been traced back to production nonconformances at the manufacturer of the lens frame.

Scott recommends that users fully inspect their AV-3000(r) facepiece(s) now and routinely as specified in the user instructions supplied with the facepiece(s) and respirator, or as stipulated in your respiratory protection program. To inspect a facepiece, begin by cleaning the facepiece as per your instruction manual.

Check to see if the facepiece was manufactured between August, 2003 and September, 2004. Users can determine the date of manufacture of their facepieces from the white label at the chin of the lens frame. If the label is missing or unreadable, check purchase order records. If still unable to establish the date, contact Scott Technical Support and they will assist in identifying the date of the facepiece.

Molded plastic articles, like the lens frame, can exhibit markings known as “flow lines”. Flow lines can be difficult to distinguish from cracks without close inspection. Flow lines appear where molten material flows together from two different directions in the mold. Scott’s investigation has shown that they do not represent a problem in the part.

If you observe cracking in the lens frame of an AV-3000 facepiece, notify Scott or an Authorized Scott Distributor immediately by completing the user response form located HERE or by calling the Scott Technical Support Department at (800) 247-7257. You will need the number of facepieces affected, shipping address and a contact person and their phone and fax numbers. Scott will replace the lens frames. The appropriate number of frames will be shipped directly to you at no cost. Replacement lens frames can be installed by you or if you require assistance contact your local Scott Authorized Service Center.

Scott has received no reports of injury due to this condition, however, Scott recognizes the importance these products play in everyday use and is committed to your safety by making you aware of any important information that may potentially affect your ability to perform your duties.

If you have any questions regarding this notice contact Scott Health & Safety at (800) 247-7257.

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