ISFSI Releases Training for Law Enforcement Personnel

 ISFSI Releases Training for Law Enforcement Personnel

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) launched the “Safe Operations for Law Enforcement on the Fire Ground” training video and accompanying four-hour classroom led curriculum.

The ISFSI LEO fireground training curriculum consists of an online training video and associated quick drill designed to be used for roll call training, an in-depth lesson plan and PowerPoint intended to be delivered to recruit officers during extended training times or at law enforcement conferences, and an associated standard operating guideline.

“ISFSI recognized the need to establish training curriculum relevant to an officers actions on the fireground. This program ties together UL/NIST/ISFSI modern fire behavior research and the appropriate sequence of actions from arriving law enforcement officer,” shared Brian Kazmierzak, Second Vice-President of ISFSI.

“Police officers on patrol in their communities are in the best position to limit the oxygen available to fires inside compartments like residential and commercial structures.  It makes sense to instruct them on how to control the flow path during a search or locating the fire and, in turn, limit the extent of the fire and protect any occupants prior to the fire department’s arrival,” stated Ed Kline, volunteer fire chief and police officer.

The online training video is available below.

The four-hour classroom delivery will be piloted January 25, 2017 at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Registration is now open and free to those who would like to attend. Visit

Questions regarding this release can be sent to Leigh Hubbard, Executive Director of ISFSI at

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