NFPA to release new handbook on medical gas and vacuum systems

Key resource for professionals working with NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code

The National Fire Protection Association will release a new Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Installation Handbook in October.  It is being developed in response to the unique needs of professionals involved with medical gas and vacuum system in health care facilities. It will serve as a comprehensive resource to help users clearly understand medical gas and vacuum systems requirements covered in the 2012 edition of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code.
NFPA 99 is generally accepted as one of the most widely-used codes on best-practice requirements for the installation and use of equipment, and the daily operation of medical gas and vacuum systems in medical facilities. The new handbook will provide the relevant requirements from NFPA 99, plus the additional visual and explanatory support required to clearly understand the installation and maintenance requirements related to these critical systems.
“Professionals working with medial gas and vacuum systems will use this handbook as an all-in-one resource and an essential tool for their job,” said Christian Dubay, NFPA’s vice president of codes and standards, and chief engineer.
The new handbook was developed to serve the needs of engineers, facility managers, AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction), plumbers, medical gas and vacuum system installers, designers, verifiers, security personnel, insurance companies, and manufacturers involved with medical gas and vacuum systems in health care.
The handbook combines all relevant information on gas and vacuum systems found in Chapters 1-5 of the 2012 edition of the code, with additional full-color photos, illustrations and commentary, written by industry experts, to provide further explanation and clarity on the intent behind the requirements. In addition, three supplements have been incorporated covering qualifications for personnel and general brazing procedures, cleaning for oxygen service and preparing joints for brazing, and installation testing and documentation.
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