What You Should Know About Your Station Wear: Myths and Misconceptions

August 12, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

We receive a lot of questions from firefighters about station wear, and in this Webcast we'll answer some of the more common questions. Led by Workrite's Technical Training Manager, Derek Sang, we'll explore what to look for when selecting station wear, how it should be used, and how to properly care for and maintain it.

Captain David Mellen

Fire for Effect: The Lost Art of Realistic Training

August 19, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

The focus is on the impact realism in training has on firefighters. In today's fire service training, we often are faced with having to choose between realism and safety. You will learn how to incorporate both and why it is vital that trainees be exposed to situations as close to real life as possible.

Tactical Response to Explosive Gas Emergencies

July 22, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

This presentation provides a practical, fact-filled, reality-based, critical skills program that covers what fire officers and firefighters need to know to effectively and safely respond to natural gas and propane emergencies. The focus is on our mission of life safety for civilians, protection of our members using the kill box concept, and tactical use of sweeping search procedures for large buildings with major uncontrolled leaks.

Firefighter fatality

FL Firefighter Commits Suicide at Fire Station

On Monday, July 12, 2021, Firefighter Joseph Deltergo took his own life while on-duty at Palm Beach County fire station.
Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company NY

Family of Fallen NY Firefighter Wins Benefits Case

James Brooks, who was second assistant chief of the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company, suffered a torn aorta when responding to a fire in Dresden on May 2, 2020.
Firefighter fatality

FL Fire Captain Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Jacksonville (FL) Fire Captain Thomas M. Barber, 51, went into cardiac arrest after responding to a medical call and passed away.
Retired Northwest Fire Chief Jeff Piechura

Flags Lowered in AZ to Honor Fallen Firefighters

The state Bureau of Land Management identified the victims as 62-year-old Jeff Piechura and 48-year-old Matthew Miller.
Firefighter fatality

Fallen PA Firefighter Loved Being Part of the Team

Sean DeMuynck died in the line of duty when he became trapped on the third floor of the house, where he was found unresponsive.
Firefighter fatality

Mayday, Firefighter Killed in PA House Fire

Firefighter Sean DeMuynck was reportedly found by other members on the third floor at a house fire.

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