Podcast: Sons of the Flag: Life After Being Injured on the Job

Andy and Amanda Allison

In this three-part podcast series, members of the Sons of the Flag speak with Andy and Amanda Allison as they discuss life after Andy sustained an injury that forced him to medically retire from the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department. 

Listen in the players below. To find out more about Sons of the Flag visit https://www.sonsoftheflag.org/

In Part 1, Andy discusses how he was medically retired from the Lewisville Fire Department after being injured in a house fire on August 12, 2012. During the initial phase of firefighting operations, Andy directed a hose stream at a large body of fire in the laundry room and attic area above it. During this operation, the hose stream contacted live 220v electrical service. Andy was electrocuted for several seconds before falling to his knees and eventually breaking contact with the line. After several years of doctor visits, numerous surgeries, and hitting major road blocks in his recovery process, Andy was told at 31 years old that he was no going to be returning to his job; the career he once loved and called his “dream job.”

In Part 2, Sons of the Flag members speak with Andy and Amanda Allison to dive deeper into Andy’s injury and how, as partners, the Allison’s managed these unexpected and devastating injuries.

In Part 3, Sons of the Flag members sit down with Andy and Amanda Allison to discuss their battles with Worker’s Comp and the insurance companies, and meeting Sons of the Flag. Joining the Allison Family is Chief Terry McGrath, who’s fought alongside Andy and Amanda over the last 7 years, and Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, Presdient & CEO of Sons of the Flag.

If you feel compelled by Andy’s story, consider taking the Saint Florian Vow, a fundraiser focused on raising money for firefighters who experience a burn injury. By taking the vow, you commit to help raise $2,500, and if only 1,000 people are successful we can help cover every firefighter in the United States. The donations go into a fund committed strictly to assisting firefighters. If you’d like to join, please visit https://sonsoftheflag.kindful.com/saint-florian-vow today!

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