Reducing the Stigma of Psychiatric Medications

Dr. Nan Herron

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest training program is now available. 

“Our Reducing the Stigma of Psychiatric Medications program is the only one of its kind”, says FSF President David Kenik, “It address questions such as “What are psychiatric medications? How do they work? Will I get dependent on them?  Won’t I be a junkie if I take them? Can I continue to work while taking them?  Will my agency find out I’m on them? And many more.”

The 45-minute video program is in a question-and-answer style with Dr. Anne Bisek, Psy.D. asking the questions to Dr. Nan Herron, M.D., a psychiatrist specializing in PTSD and volunteering with first-responder mental health organizations. Dr. Herron answers each concern in a direct, concise, and crisp way, with evident authority. The program addresses the concerns of all public safety personnel–fire service, law enforcement, EMS, and so on–regarding psychiatric medications.

“We are particularly proud of this and all of our first responder mental health programs,” says Kenik, “This is an area in which much misinformation and confusion exists. Ours are some of the very few resources in this area specifically made for first responders, with first-responder mental health specialists presenting the programs.”

The program is free to all members of public safety and  emergency management agencies. Simply watch in the player below or download a copy HERE.

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