Rescue 42 Introduces the Ultimate Mobile Incident Command Post

Rescue 42, Inc. recently announced that their highly anticipated VAULT™ Incident Command Post (ICP) is now available and will be publicly unveiled at upcoming trade shows, including FDIC 2011. This highly mobile, compact VAULT™ ICP will help fire departments comply with NIMS/ICS recommendations, but costs far less than traditional trailers or dedicated rigs.
The new VAULT™ ICP serves as a central hub to coordinate personnel and resources during any incident. An all in one solution, the unit is a completely self-powered, self-contained communications and command system which runs on an internal battery or on standard 120 VAC (either its small, onboard generator or any standard plug). The VAULT™ ICP is ultra compact for storage, then opens up to create a desk with drawers and shelving to incorporate all of your essential command gear including radios, radio scanners, computer, monitor, fax/printer/scanner and more. 
“With the state of the economy forcing departments to slash their operating budgets, the VAULT™ ICP allows departments of any size to comply with response regulations without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on dedicated command rigs or trailers”, states VAULT™ inventor Tim O’Connell. “Beyond what it costs to purchase a command post of that size, those large rigs cost departments thousands of dollars annually because of licensing and maintenance. Our VAULT™ ICP is a much more cost effective option with the added convenience of being smaller and more mobile”.
Mounted on a versatile scissor-lift chassis, the VAULT™ ICP can be quickly and easily attached to any vehicle with a 2” hitch and because the wheels pull up off the ground during transport, it does not have the licensing, speed or road restrictions of a trailer. Once you arrive at a scene, the VAULT’s™ wheels descend with the simple turn of the crank, allowing the VAULT™ to detach from the vehicle and be rolled anywhere. The chassis rugged running gear and narrow design make it possible to roll over uneven ground and through standard sized doorways and elevators allowing you to take your ICP directly where it is needed.
“Every response scenario can present unique equipment delivery problems and one of the advantages of having a smaller, more mobile system is that you are not restricted to running your incident from a parking lot,” states Mr. O’Connell. “The VAULT™ can be positioned within sight of an incident or on a rooftop giving you a birds-eye view of the scene allowing you to respond in a real-time environment without communication delays”. Because of the VAULT™ ICP’s compact design, it can be easily and securely stored in fleet bays, garages, sheds or even in a closet.  

There are several standard VAULT™ ICP configurations and customized, turnkey solutions are available per customer specifications. For additional information, pricing and videos on the VAULT™ ICP and other VAULT™ models, please visit the Rescue 42 website at or call toll free at (888) 427-3728.

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