Webcast: What You Need to Know about COVID-19


Join us for a critically important Webcast with Katherine West on what firefighters and EMS providers need to know about COVID-19 response.

West has agreed to share her presentation for educational purposes and will be downloadable from the webcast platform.

Response Guideline to Respiratory Distress/Potential Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patients

CDC: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Site

IAFC to Congress: Include T-Band Mandate Repeal in COVID-19 Stimulus Package

USFA: COVID-19 Cost Recovery for Fire & EMS Departments

COVID-19 and Firefighter Response

EMS: Training Technique for Glove Removal

Book: Infection Control Policies for Community Paramedicine & MIH

Katherine West, RN, BSN, MSEd, is an infection control consultant who has worked with fire/EMS groups bringing infection control practices and training since 1978. She’s also a member of the JEMS Editorial Board. This webcast will present what emergency medical providers need to know about COVID-19. In this informative and timely presentation, Katherine West reviews what we know about COVID-19 so far: Its origin; signs and symptoms; risk groups; modes or transmission; PPE; disinfection practices; and promising treatments. We will then open the discussion to you, the ones on the front lines of this world crisis.

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